Guided by the Levels of AIX Framework and a focus on the end-user,
as well as recent news, AI developments and interviews with expert
opinion leaders, we have identified six interlocking themes that present
distinct challenges for the future of human-centric AI.

Public Perception deals with how our opinions, fears and expectations for personalized AI is shaped by pop culture, education and marketing and questions the role of business, government and the broader public in driving a more realistic and consistent understanding of the technology.

Ethics is a hot topic in AI but hasn’t been explored thoroughly through a specific consumer lens. This theme addresses how AI should be developed inclusively and takes into consideration the differing values of individuals and cultures while raising questions about responsibility for privacy and security.

Transparency speaks to the need for clear, open communication between all stakeholders and especially for the end-user. From explainable AI and clear feedback loops to managing expectations of consumers, this theme is about building and maintaining trust through AIX design.

User Experience raises questions about design functionality and purpose as it pertains to consumer devices and services. Whether running in the background or directly interfacing with users, how can we consider human-centric design principles and ensure the best possible user experience?

Context deals with the environmental, cultural and personal nuances that need to be considered to ensure equitable and purpose-driven AI. Home, work, car and public spaces require different social rules, while individual personalities and values require AI that reasons, understands, explores and adapts.

Relationships is a theme that examines the role AI plays in our lives and how we interact and engage with new powerful tools as the technology advances. From human-machine collaboration and cohabitation to consumer expectations for AI that is fallible and learns over time, our relationship with technology is changing as AI becomes more purposeful, useful and embedded.

This report is only the beginning of an ongoing exchange we hope to foster across the industry. Our intention is to develop this site into an AIX hub focused on the sharing of ideas and resources that will help shape a more equitable, safe and open future for consumer AI. We invite your collaboration. Please reach out so that we can keep you updated on our progress.

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