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As rapid advances in artificial intelligence technology present an array of new possibilities for transforming our lives, we’re all about building an open eco-system for human-centric research and application of AI.

So LG AIX Exchange offers an open platform for collaboration between LG and AI-driven innovators, from individuals and start-ups to research organizations. We’re open for ideas all year round so feel free to get in touch whenever!

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Our Areas of Interest

While we remain very much open to new ideas that will take us well out of our comfort zone,
here are a few high-priority areas of interest that we’re focusing on at the moment.
Of course, if you have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit in with the domains listed,
simply go for the New Horizons category show us what you’ve got!

  • Area of Interest 1 Digital Human

    Creating human-like virtual agents that are capable of natural communication including emotional contexts. We want our digital humans to be able to:

    • Understand the customer’s situation and emotions so as to deliver appropriate interaction which includes non-verbal responses that address not just the explicit content but also emotional undertones and nuisances
    • Use customer profile data to offer personally tailored interaction and services
    • Deliver a variety of services and user experiences in home, mobility, retail and other domains.
  • Area of Interest 2 Metaverse

    AI-powered innovations that will help a build a whole new world of metaverse. We’re seeing a whole range of ideas and experiments in metaverse now, but most tend to be games or game-like experiences which limit their appeal and application. For metaverse to really become the next internet for all, we need more intuitive user experience, more immersive content, along with tools and solutions that make all of this more accessible to a broader range of users.

  • Area of Interest 3 Digital Health

    Take better care of yourself wherever and whenever with intelligent connections. From wearable devices to predictive health data analytics, the power of AI is making it possible to really look after one’s health. Whether it’s digital fitness training, personal dietary management, or virtual consultation, our shared goal is to inform and guide our everyday lives so that we minimize risks and maximize health behaviours.

  • Area of Interest 4 Home Care Robots

    A smart butler in every home to free you from chores and care for our loved ones. While most current iterations of home robotics are focusing on automating home routines like cleaning and relaying commands, we believe that, with ageing population and the increasing proportion of single households, there is an increasing need for smart home care. AI-powered home care solutions will really understand you and your preferences so as to anticipate your needs even before you realize them.

  • Area of Interest 5 New Horizons

    Surprise us with your creativity and imagination! We’re open to great ideas even in domains that are new to us, as long as they can benefit from LG’s technology, resources and global network.

AI Problem Statements

The following four problem statements are technological challenges
that we believe to hold key to achieving meaningful AI innovation across all domains.
Do you have a good answer to any of them?

  • Problem 1 Data-Hungry AI

    Traditional machine learning techniques and especially deep learning techniques are known to be quite data hungry. For AI to truly disrupt the healthcare industry is it a requirement that data be constantly collected and processed, especially when most of this will be sensitive personal data? What techniques could be used to minimize risk of collecting sensitive data? What can be done to minimize the need for large amounts of annotated data or to learn with the unlabelled data?

  • Problem 2 Understanding the Physical World

    It is known that current AI technology is still insufficient for solving the complex problems of general work. What is required for AI to robustly solve complex problems for general tasks? For digital systems to behave rationally, must they understand the physical world and have common sense? If so, how will they learn?

  • Problem 3 Super-Intelligence & Human-Machine Interaction

    Many forecasts predict that AI will achieve super-intelligence. What will be required for systems to do this in a scalable way, and how can we harness this potential? What technologies should we be considering to foster collaboration between humans and machines?

  • Problem 4 Human-like Communication with AI

    Babies learn by looking at adults and communicating with them. Is it possible for Digital Humans to learn how we as humans express ourselves and how we exchange information to create more natural human-computer interfaces? What considerations should be made for verbal and non-verbal communication?

Benefits & Opportunities

Successful applicants to AIX Exchange programme will be invited to discuss how we can best collaborate to mutual benefit.
While each team will have different needs which all require carefully tailored approach,
here are some of the resources and opportunities we can provide to facilitate our collaboration.

  • Benefit 1 Market Access

    • Access to LG’s hardware/markets/data/platform where you can test your solutions with real customers
    • Opportunities for co-development/pilot tests to help you establish business model and market references early on
    • Access to LG’s B2C/B2B products and services, global market reach in over 130 countries and global network
  • Benefit 2 Collaboration & Support

    • Access to LG’s ThinQ AI platform for integrating your solutions with LG’s own AI eco-system
    • LG’s platform technology and AI solutions
  • Benefit 3 Acceleration & Investment

    • All-round acceleration support from business model planning/verification to global networking
    • R&D funding support, direct investment and financial support for business development
    • Additional funding opportunities such as invitation to demo days hosted by LG and/or our partners

Application is easy and simple-
and we’re open all year round!

Powered by the LG brand and resources,
we can offer startups the ability to take their ideas further and faster into the adoption process.

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